Stupid Wings

Watch Adam Richman Man v. Food Stupid Wings Challenge at caliente

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Do you want to take the Stupid Wings Challenge at Caliente?

Read the rules below. Please see staff for the Release Form for you to sign and date.  The form includes the rules posted here.

  • You have half an hour from the moment the plate is set down at the table.
  • You are NOT allowed anything to drink or eat other than the Stupid Wings. Once you start, you may not leave your table.
  • You get one (1) napkin. Use it wisely.
  • Should you finish, you must keep the wings down for the duration of your visit to caliente. Failure to do so may result in a clean-up fee.
  • No silverware.  You must pick up the wings and eat them as nature intended.
  • Picking the meat off the bone with anything other than your teeth is cheating.

Failure to abide by these guidelines will result in immediate, forfeiture of any claim, and further, may result in much unwelcome ridicule.

All Stupid Wing orders may be subject to an automatic 18% gratuity.

Good Luck ~ you’ll need it.

Should you successfully finish the challenge, you can choose to receive an “I’m with Stupid” t-shirt OR get your wings for free.

****While roughly 10% of people who order Stupid Wings actually finish them, approximately 30%-40% who order them throw up. If you must throw up, the ONLY place to guarantee that you won’t be assessed a clean-up fee is IN THE TRASH CAN IN THE ALLEY BEHIND THE BARBER SHOP!